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Featured Testimony

A big thanks to my coach and friend, for getting me through this and helping me work toward my goals and find a new passion.

Austin L

I need to say thank you man! I’ve never been this low weight or least in my adult life. Thank you so much!

Dan G

I’ve been very happy with the great progress we’ve made in 2 years.

Matt A

As an “experienced” lifter, I’ve always had goals that I could never achieve in the gym. I always wanted my shoulders to be more defined and my back wider. A lot of times I feel like I know my body and I don’t really need to ask for help to get the results I want.
I definitely see more definition in my shoulders and all around my body. With Jared I was able to hit my goals and some. I came in looking for a strict diet plan that I’m getting better at sticking with. We started with one plan and have adjusted as needed. Jared made it easier being readily available for all the questions I had.
Overall I’m happy with how I look and how I feel. Excited to see how I’ll look in the future.

Drew C