About Us

Jared Keys coaching provides comprehensive information and instruction to help anyone from a beginner to a pro athlete looking to improve their body composition.

That includes a meal plan or macros and instructions on a flexible diet, custom workout plans, supplements to take, weekly up to biweekly check ins/plan adjustments, up to 24 hour access to me as your coach for questions and advice.


Customized macros for flexible dieting or a Customized meal plan

Customized training plan with cardio

Weekly up to bi-weekly checkins with plan adjustments as needed

Supplement optimization

Video form and training critiques

Up to 24/hr communication as needed


Personalized training plans and diet and will keep a close eye on your physique until we reach your goal.


I also can write workout plans or meal plans separately if you aren’t interested in the full coaching service.


What my service looks like for the average competitor- (this process is scaled to lifestyle competitors)


The way I prefer to get started with all new clients is to first ensure health is in check. I like to see a full blood work panel.

Once health is clear the first phase of the training is usually weight-loss, with a goal of improving insulin sensitivity, or a growing phase to jump right into muscle building.

During this phase, we start training to your custom program, and start the process of dieting and adjusting to intentional eating. Basic posing work will begin so that we can accurately assess your physique.


The next phase is usually a growing phase, calories and food is worked up higher, training has been further fine tuned, and basic posing work continues.


Finally, the next phase would typically be some form of cut, whether it’s to push for a specific show, or to reset insulin sensitivity again and minimize fat gains.


That’s an ideal approach in my opinion, but timelines are adjustable to the individual. Realistically speaking it can take anywhere from 12-20+ weeks.


*Show day/event coaching in person*-

If you would like me to be in-person to coach you at your show, I ask that you pay my travel expenses (hotel/gas/airfare/backstage pass/ticket for the show) for the entirety of the time you would like me there. If the show is more than 2 hours away, I ask that you pay for at least one night at a local hotel. If there are multiple competitors competing at the same show, these expenses will be split.